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     During a phone consultation we will decide on a location, date and time for your session. To capture the best light, we can schedule shoots either early in the morning, or about an hour and a half before sunset.

     Rescheduling: In the event of illness, bad weather, or something else beyond your control, we will be happy to reschedule.  Your deposit is non-refundable, however I will keep it active up to 12 months towards another date subject to our calendar.  

     we accept Visa / Master Card / Discover / PayPal / Checks/cash. 


     * Images taken during all sessions may be used in the voltron media's portfolio as well as other promotional materials.


Commercial photography

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     here at voltron media, we offer professional photography for all our clients. voltron media strives to surpass your satisfaction.  


     Voltron media shoots a wide variety of styles of photography to reach each and every customer. 

     we plan ahead for every photo shoot to ensure that the conditions are perfect. we will discuss the date, time, location, as well as the theme of your photo shoot. voltron media will make your vision come to life behind the lens.



     headshots are very important for an individual to raise their standard of professionalism. 

     voltron media carries high quality equipment to deliver stunning images for every client.

     headshots can be used for their business no matter what the field. they can also be used for personal use to increase engagement levels. 



     family photos are highly encouraged here at voltron media. it is important to stay up to date for holiday and seasonal photos.

     Voltron media will work with any age to make sure no family member is left out! we want to help cherish the important moments that your family have together.



     voltron media specializes in drone work for any job field. we provide high quality images and video.

     it's important to use aerial footage for a professional approach. we cover construction, real estate, restaurants, and so much more.


real estate

     voltron media extends a helping hand to all agents for their listings. we produce high quality photos and videos with drones.

     drones are a perfect solution to showcase the land of property. location is key when selling a home so its important to show off the location with aerial footage.



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     voltron media provides high quality images. we shoot classic, extotic, bikes, and much more.

     we want to help share your passion by delivering the best photos for your vehicles. we work with commercial and residential. 



     voltron media delivers high quality portraits within 48 hours after a shoot. we select a location together and the time so we can capture the best lighting for the given shoot.


     portrait photos are important because they showcase who you are through a single frame. we make sure to capture every moment. 


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